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Partial invoicing & issuing a single invoice for multiple orders
Partial invoicing & issuing a single invoice for multiple orders
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See generating invoice from sales order for generating invoice from a sales order.

Consider creating a manual invoice when you are required to perform the following:

  1. Partial invoice

In any circumstance when not all goods will be invoiced or perhaps invoice is intended to be splitted, you may create a partial invoice order manually. (You may also create a full invoice manually as well).

  1. Issue a single invoice for multiple sales order

In a manually created invoice, you are able to include more than 1 sales order from the same customer into a single invoice. This comes in handy when a buyer makes several purchases in the span of a few hours or days. You can then choose to issue a single invoice for all sales orders.

See Selecting items for invoice below.

To add an invoice manually:

  1. Click Receivables on the main navigation panel > Customer’s Invoice

  2. On the listing page, click on New Invoice

Fill up the necessary fields and click Save. The new invoice will be displayed in the invoice listing page.

Mandatory fields are marked with ‘*’.


Invoice fields:

Customer (required) – The customer to issue the invoice to.

Shipping Address – If you have stored a customer’s address info, it will be populated automatically. You may edit the populated address. You can enter it manually by clicking Select Address if no address is present.

Remarks – Additional description for the sales order

Tags – Tag attributes can be used as filters in the invoice listing page advanced search feature, multiple tags are allowed for a single invoice order.

Selecting items for invoice 

Under the ADD ITEMS tab, select item(s) from sales order(s) (Only sales orders from the selected customer will be selectable) which you are issuing the invoice from the sales order drop down list. All items from the selected sales order will be listed, select the ones you are invoicing.

Under the SELECTED SALES ORDERS tab, you will be able to view the invoice item(s) and its details for the respective sales orders.

Instruction video:

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