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Closing orders
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The definition of a closed order varies across different customers. Some consider a sales only when the order is paid and delivered, some consider it a close deal the moment a sales order is issued. For this reason, only orders that are manually marked as closed will be considered as a sales order by default and reflect in your sales reporting.

However, there are various order statuses which you can filter allowing you to view different sets of report values based on the sales order payment and fulfilment statuses.

In the sales report, you can filter records based on the following status:

  • Closed orders (Default Selected)

  • ‘Fully paid orders’ (Default Selected)

  • ‘Fully delivered orders’ (Default Selected)

  • ‘Partially paid orders’

  • ‘Partially paid Delivered orders’

If no status filter is selected, all sales order within the filtered date range will be displayed.

To close a sales order:

Your sales order can be closed when it is fully delivered and paid. You can perform this inside your sales order details page and change the status to ‘Completed’.

Alternatively, you can let EMERGE App close it for you automatically under Sales > Sales orders > select Sales order > On sales order page, click Edit to enter edit mode


Click on Status > Closed


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