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View and Search Invoice
View and Search Invoice
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The following can be performed in the listing page:

  • Add new or update existing invoice

  • Basic searching & filtering

  • Advance search
    Search results based on specific fields

Add new or edit existing invoice

On the listing page, you may either create new invoices or edit existing ones.

Learn more about adding invoice and updating invoice

Basic searching & filtering

Invoices in the listing page can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking the respective field header labels.

Filtering can be performed by using the Search filter text field. Enter the desired keywords into the text field, any keyword that matches against the following fields will be displayed in the listing page.

Advance search


Invoices can be ‘branded’ with custom keyword tags for a more specific search result.

E.g. Create or update an invoice and enter ‘Important invoice’ into the Tag field. In the listing page, you can enter ‘Important invoice’ into the Search text field and all invoices with the tag ‘Important invoice’ will be displayed. Multiple tags keywords can be separated by commas.

Search results based on specific fields

Search keywords can be matched against a single specific invoice field:

After which the search criteria can be saved for the convenience of subsequent searches with the same keyword. This comes in handy if you often need to search for specific records.

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