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Adding Suppliers
Adding Suppliers
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Before you create a purchase order, you will need to first create your suppliers. There are two ways that you can add suppliers to Emerge:

  • Manually add individual suppliers

  • Upload via bulk add suppliers in CSV

Manually adding individual suppliers

To add a customer

  1. Click on Suppliers on the main navigation panel

  2. On the listing page, click on + New Supplier

Once you have completed filling up the fields, click Save. The new supplier will be displayed in the supplier listing page.

Company Name (required) – The name of your product.

Supplier Code – The unique code of your supplier. This code must be unique for every supplier.

Website – Specify the website of the supplier if applicable

Remarks – Additional description of the supplier

Tags – Tag attributes can be used as filters in the supplier listing page advanced search feature, multiple tags are allowed for a single supplier.

Default Payment Term – Specify the default payment duration for the supplier

Default Currency – Specify the currency which the supplier is based on.

Addresses – It is recommended that you create your customer with his/her address and set it as the default shipping and billing address, when creating a purchase order, the default shipping and billing address will be populated automatically.

If your supplier has separate addresses for shipping and billing, you can create multiple addresses but only one default address for both shipping and billing is allowed.

Contact – your supplier’s contact

Upload via Bulk Add Suppliers in CSV

To upload supplier:

Click Suppliers on the main navigation panel > Import 

On the import page, click on the Download a sample file link to download a copy of a sample import CSV if you are doing this for the first time and copy your existing customer information into respective fields

Click UPLOAD FILE or drag and drop

A successful message will be displayed if the import is successful.

Instruction video:

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