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2 June 2019 App update release
2 June 2019 App update release
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Users now can add new additional charge(s) to their Purchase Order by percentage on the total amount of your Purchase Order.

With this settings, you can choose to display the currency symbol or currency code name on listing pages.

Shipment update: Automatically select the batch(es) with shortest expiry day(s) in Shipment.

EMERGE App will automatically choose the batch(es) with the nearest expiry date(s) in the shipment.

When creating QO and SO, click on Shipping Address/Billing Address to add the phone numbers to the document. This info will be saved and displayed on the document PDFs.

Shopify update: Import customer's phone number from Shopify to EMERGE App.

When fetching Sales Orders with customer's info inside from Shopify, EMERGE App will also import the customers' phone numbers to customer's info in EMERGE App. 

To upload product photos in bulk, first you'll need your product data in the app then go to Products > Mass upload photos > Upload photo > Choose images from your computers > tag them into the product's SKU and upload, done. 

This settings will allow you to see the items from the supplier you choose in your Purchase Order. 

Your Customers can choose Reorder to generate an exact Sales Order made before and check out to save time.

Now you can add letter footer to all of your PDF, just click Create PDF button > Additional Messages - Expand > Add Letter footer > save.

Go to Purchase Order listing page, choose your Purchase Order(s) > click Mass Actions > Delete. The app will delete the Purchase Order and all of its relevant document(s).

Tooltip for item's pricing info on Quotation and Sales Order

Click on your Product's unit Price and the app will show its relevant pricing info.

Users will be able to view product info in Product module, though adding and editing products will need to be done on desktop version as usual.

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