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Product Variants
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If the products you are selling comes with different attributes such as sizes or colors, you can create product variants. Each product variant has its own unique item code.

  • Adding variants

  • Updating variant details

  • Updating variant master details

  • Voiding a variant

Adding variants

When creating a product, check the Does this product have variants box to pull out the variant section

  1. Enter your variant options and the values (Press ‘enter’ key to input multiple values). Click + Add New Option to add a new variant option.

2. The variant details will be populated below. You can enter the Item Code, Reorder Quantity, Purchase Price, Selling Price of each variant.

Variant option values auto populates up to 30 matrix combination, after which any subsequent combinations will have to be added manually by clicking + New Variant and selecting from the variant options drop down list.

More details of each variant can be loaded by clicking More Info and the right end of each variant details row

Updating variant details

  1. On the product listing page, click on Show Variants of the product you wish to update then click on the specific variant. You will be directed to the product details page with the selected variant info loaded.

2. Select the product variant you wish to update. Click on Edit to enter edit mode

3. Inside the overview page, choose the variant you wish to edit and click on More Info to edit.

Voiding a variant

On the listing page, click on the product of the variant you wish to void. Click on Edit to enter edit mode

 Inside the Info tab, choose the variant you wish to void and click on the Bin icon at the right corner of the variant table.

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