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Reorder point and how to track it
Reorder point and how to track it
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Stock reorder level indicates when it is necessary to reorder stocks from your supplier to fulfill your customer’s demand.

You can specify a reorder point for your products by editing your existing product or while creating a new one.

To add a product

  1. Click on Product on the main navigation panel

  2. On the listing page, click on + New Product and select Add New Product in the drop down menu to begin adding your product.

To edit a Product:

  1. Click on Products > Products on the main navigation panel

  2. On the listing page, click on the product you want to edit then click on Info tab

The following details are presented in the reorder report:

Supplier – The default suppliers of the products that need to be reordered

Products / Variants – The no. of product / variant types

Qty to reorder – The total qty of products that needs to be reordered (Product Reorder point – Available Qty (Incl PO))

PO Link – You will be directed to purchase order details page to create your purchase order with system default values upon clicking the link.

If a product is supplied by more than one supplier and you want to order from a non-default supplier, you may need to remove some of your items (click on the ‘x’ icon on the right corner of each line item) in the purchase order page and manually create a new purchase order with the desired supplier you want to order from. See Adding Purchase Order

Track product reorder

To track product reorders, you can check it on EMERGE App dashboard or generate a Stock Reorder report

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