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Tier Pricing Price List
Tier Pricing Price List
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Similar to Customer/Supplier Price List, you can create Tier Pricing Price list for pricing of a certain product quantity purchased/sold.

*The steps are the same in Supplier Tier Price List

To create Tier Price List, go to Customers > Price List > Create Tier Pricing Price List > choose customer/currency/Date range (optional) > choose products > enter their Qty (from) and Qty (to) > enter the fixed price or apply percentage based on existing prices.

To apply the Customer/Supplier Tier Pricing Price List to Sales Order/Purchase Order, make sure you’re choosing the right customer/date/currency and choose the tier price list from the Price List field, enter the quantity of the product, the tier price will be applied.

Customer Tier Price List improvement

Apply the same quantity (from) and quantity (to) to other items by entering the number and click APPLY to apply to other items

The Tier Pricing price list can be apply to customer's EMERGE Cart account.

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