Tier Pricing Price List

Similar to Customer/Supplier Price List, you can create Tier Pricing Price list for pricing of a certain product quantity purchased/sold.

*The steps are the same in Supplier Tier Price List


Rounding tax settings

This is an app setting to let you choose the calculation formula for your Sales/Purchase, you can choose one to setup for your EMERGE App account depends on your preference.

  • Round tax to 2 decimal place on line item

  • price x quantity x tax per line item then round up each line item tax individually 

  • Round tax to 2 decimal place on document subtotal

  • price x quantity x tax per line item, does not round up each line item tax but all summed in total amount

Check out this sample excel file to understand the difference.


Free 10 Sales Order/Purchase Order/Adjustment/Stock Take per month

With Forever free plan, users will be able to create 10 Sales Order or Purchase Order or Adjustment or Stock Take a month.

Sales Report: Margin profit and Sales Order filter

Added Margin profit column and Sales order filter

Product sales report

Get a report of products sold in Product Sales Report generally or per Sales Order(s) by choosing the Sales Order filter.

Production Order from Products 

Similar to Raw Material and Raw Material Production, now all products can be produced from other existing products. 

Add batch for produced batch items in production order modal

Receive note: Batch/Expiration Date 

Add the Expiration Date to your batch when doing Acquisition for Purchase Orders.

User access: more detail

Added more detailed permissions for user access to help you control your users’ permissions and roles.

 If user did not give Sales Report access, home page dashboard should not show sales/product sales graph

Product/Raw Material: Packing dimensions, allow to input 2-decimal number 

Users now can add 2 decimal place for Packing Dimensions and weight in Product and Raw Material info.

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