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Import purchase order via CSV/Excel file
Import purchase order via CSV/Excel file
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To import products via CSV file:

  1. Click on Purchases > Purchase import on the main navigation panel

  2. On the import page, click on the Download Excel button to download a copy of a sample import CSV if you are doing this for the first time.
    (If nothing happens after you click, check your browser pop-up blocker & disable it)

3. In the CSV sample file, click on the Click for explanation link on the 2nd row for a brief guide to each individual fields and import data.
4. Save your CSV file when you are done with filling up the field values. Be sure that you have removed the sample row values. Import the file into EMERGE by clicking on Upload file.

Note: DO NOT remove or change the name of any default cells/rows/columns/sheet in the sample file or the app will reject your upload

5. A successful message will be displayed if the import is successful.

Should your import is unsuccessful, you can try to remedy your CSV file by referencing the error messages displayed.

Purchase Order excel import improvements: added new fields (Premium feature)

The new four fields added to the Puchase Order excel import are Payment Term, Shipping Method, Tags, Remarks. Make sure you download the latest version of Purchase Order import excel file and read the sheet explanation carefully when inputting data to the file.

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