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14th July 2017 App Update Release
14th July 2017 App Update Release
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Once every month EMERGE App releases an update to make your experience the best possible. For the month of July, here’s what we have been up to:

July 2017 Update

  • Auto import after connecting e-commerce integrations

From now on, when you integrate with an E-commerce store, EMERGE App will ask if you want it to import your last 3 months sales orders and products automatically. A time-saver, isn’t it?

  • ShipStation integration

YES! The wait is over! EMERGE App is now integrated with ShipStation. Tracking shipments seamlessly with only a few clicks. Check out the instruction and contact us if you have any trouble using the integration, we’ll be around to help.

  • Raw material & production upgrade: Selling raw material

Now you can add the raw materials to your Sales Order, just look it up by name or SKU and process like a normal Sales Order.

The July 2017 update also contains various bug fixes and minor improvements, so go ahead and log into your EMERGE App account to try it out now!

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