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13th June 2017 App Update Release
13th June 2017 App Update Release
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Once every month EMERGE App releases an update to make your experience the best possible. For the month of June, here’s what we have been up to:

June 2017 Update

  • Full Product Detail Export in Excel file

Backup your product list in a click with our easy export feature.

  • Automatic Import and Upgrades for WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon and eBay

From today, all the Sales Orders from your e-commerce stores will be imported to EMERGE App automatically, you don’t have to go to your sales channel and import manually anymore.

Also, product images will be imported when you import products from your sales channels as well.

  • Sales Order and Quotation Status Customisation

You can customise and change your Sales Order/Quotation status in this update.

  • Unlimited Sales Orders and Integration for 1st week of Subscription

During the first 7 days after you subscribe to any plans, you’ll be able to use all the integration modules in EMERGE App – super helpful for managing your multiple sales channels!

The June 2017 update also contains various bug fixes and minor improvements, so go ahead and log into your EMERGE App account to try it out now!

The EMERGE App Team

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