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9th August 2017 App Update Release
9th August 2017 App Update Release
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Once every month EMERGE App releases an update to make your experience the best possible. For the month of August, here’s what we have been up to:

August 2017 Update

  • Multiple company

If you are running a few businesses and having the same warehouse locations, you can add your company names in Basic Settings > Company Info to manage your businesses. When you issue Sales Orders, you can choose from which company the document will be sent out.

  • Approval process for Stock Transfer & Stock Adjustment:

EMERGE App has leveled up the approval process, you are now having the ability to approve Stock Transfer and Stock Adjustment documents. Go to Basic Settings > Approval permission to setup.

  • Auto-populate the total purchase price of individual Raw Material (RM) into the final product purchase price The system will do a first-time auto-fill the Purchase price field when you add raw material for the products, this will be done one-time only.For example:Product A = RM1 (purchase price = $100) + 2 x RM2 (purchase price = $200)–> Auto fill Product A purchase price = $500

  • SO New Shipment & Payment StatusFrom now on, Shipment and Payment default statuses will have some changes:In Progress: Sales Order hasn’t been converted to Shipment or InvoiceIssued: Sales Order has been converted to Shipment or InvoicePartial Delivered: The Sales Orders was delivered partiallyDelivered: The Sales Orders was fully deliveredPartial Paid: The Sales Orders was paid partiallyPaid: The Sales Orders was fully paid

The August 2017 update also contains various bug fixes and minor improvements, so go ahead and log into your EMERGE App account to try it out now!

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