EMERGE allows sales orders or purchase orders to be set in your customer’s or supplier’s native currency.

  • Adding currencies

  • Handling transaction currency in Xero

Adding currencies:

You can add additional currencies if it does not appear in the currency drop-down list of your sales order or purchase order:

  • Click on the navigation panel > Company Settings.

  • Click on General Setup on the admin navigation panel

  • Click on the Currency icon

  • Add your desired currency and save

You can edit the decimal points for the currencies.

In the financial reports, these transaction amounts will be converted to your base currency based on the sales order or purchase order exchange rate value.

E.g. Your company is based in $USD but all your clients are from Japan and hence all sales orders are created in JPY currency. In your reports, all transactions which are in JPY currency will be converted to USD based on the sales order exchange rate value.

Handling transaction currency in Xero:

Xero will need to contain the currency of the transactions pushed by EMERGE. You will be required to add the currencies of all your EMERGE transactions in Xero manually. An error will be prompted if a currency does not exist in Xero while attempting to push a transaction in.

The base currency in EMERGE cannot be changed to avoid exchange rate complexities.

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