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18 Jan 2020 App Update Release
18 Jan 2020 App Update Release

New feature + Improvements + Updates Release + new development release

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In this update, EMERGE Cart users can see their previous purchases and reorder quickly.

This feature allows users to print 1 BARCODE LABEL (5X2.5CM) or 44 BARCODE LABELS ON A4

Instead of only able to select a specific due date for the sales and invoice, we have built a feature that allows you to select different variations of dates of a month.

Available options:

  • X day(s) after a certain day

  • Date of a month

  • Last date of a month

Go to Company Settings > General Setup > Basic Settings > EMAIL NOTIFICATION > turn off Showing "Power by EMERGE" in email footer > Save

In this update, users can embed an excel sheet, upload a file, add notes, tasks to the Task & Note feature.

Options available:

Upload files (premium feature)

Regular note

Tasks with due date and assignee

Embed sheet

Tasks will also appear on the YOUR TASKS module on the homepage

The updated Xero's chart of account offers more flexibility to match the document transactions to the accounts. Users can customize the accounts in the Xero CHART OF ACCOUNTS settings then choose the Sales Order type in the Sales Order.

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