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16th July 2018 App update release
16th July 2018 App update release
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  • EMERGE Cart: Show company logo

Your logo will be shown on EMERGE Cart login page and check out page.

  • EMERGE Cart: Delivery Date 

Customer can choose the delivery date during check out process.

  • Customer & Supplier price list: Duplicate function 

Now you can create similar price lists faster by clicking on the "Duplicate" button at the top right corner > edit the name and code > Save, done.

  • Dropship SO: Auto open dropship PO modal (New SO only)

This is an automation setting in AUTOMATIC FUNCTIONS under account Basic Settings, tick the check box "Automatically convert to Dropship Purchase Order after creating a Dropship Sales Order."

Whenever you click "Save" for a new Dropship Sales Order, the app will automatically pop up a modal for Purchase Order.

Users now can copy and paste their products into the Quick Import product section. This feature supports up to 100 items, if you're just lazy to download the sample excel file, drag your product data from your computer to their fields and click IMPORT, done, EMERGE App will take good care of your products from then.

  • Customer & Supplier Price list/Currency: Exchange rate applied for QO, SO

This is an exciting updated feature we released this month, when creating a new price list in a different currency, app will use the exchange rate to convert the product prices and apply to the price list.

  • Customer access: Admin is able to see all documents .

From this update, any user with Admin role will be able to see all the documents in the app, no limitation applied.

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