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Acquisition (Stock Receive)
Acquisition (Stock Receive)
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There are two ways that you can add an acquisition:

  • Generate a full acquisition from purchase order

  • Manually add an acquisition
    Partial an acquisition
    Packing multiple purchases into a single acquisition

  • Confirming an acquisition

  • Print / email / download acquisition in PDF

Generate a full stock receive from purchase order

it is advisable to use this route to create your acquisition.

To generate an acquisition:

In the Purchase Order details page, click Receive > Quick Receive.

EMERGE automatically creates a stock receive with all purchase order items using system defaults.

Manually add a stock receive

To add an acquisition manually:

  1. Click on Purchases > Receive Note on the main navigation panel

  2. On the Receive listing page, click on  New Receive Note

There are 2 main reasons an acquisition should be manually created:

  1. Partial acquisition

In any circumstance when not all goods can be received from your supplier, perhaps due to shortages of stocks or receive is intended to be divided into multiple trips, you may create a partial acquisition manually. (You may create a full stock receive manually as well).

  1. Acquire multiple purchase order into a single acquisition

In a manually created stock receive, you are able to include more than 1 purchase order from the same supplier into a single stock receive. This comes in handy when a several stock purchases arrive at the same time. You can then choose to receive the goods in one single acquisition, holding the stocks from all purchase orders into it.

See Select items to receive below.

Once you have completed filling up the fields, click Save. The new acquisition will be displayed in the acquisition listing page.

Supplier (required) – The name of your supplier

Remarks – Specify the brand of your product if applicable. Products can be filtered by their brand in the product listing page.

Select items to receive – Under the Add Items section, select the purchase order(s) (Only purchase orders from the selected supplier will be selectable) which you have received the good(s) from the purchase order drop down list. All items from the selected purchase order will be listed, check the corresponding box to select the ones you received. On the right section Selected Items, specify the following:

  1. Location – The stock location where the good(s) are stored.

  2. Batch(If applicable) – The batch of the stock(s).

  3. Qty – The quantity received.

*Batch product receive:

If you receive batch product, you will select batch name in the Batch drop-down list or add new batch

Updated:  Batch/Expiration Date 

Add the Expiration Date to your batch when doing Acquisition for Purchase Orders.

Confirming an acquisition

If you have multiple stock locations, it is important to select the destination warehouse for each item.

Once you receive items, confirm your acquisition and your stock quantity will automatically be increased. Once the acquisition is confirmed, amendments cannot be made to the document.

To confirm an acquisition:

In the Acquisition detail page, click Receive at the top right corner.

Print / email / download acquisition in PDF

When the acquisition is created, you can print / email / download your stock receive in PDF format by clicking the respective icons located at the top part of the details page.

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