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11th November 2018 App Update Release
11th November 2018 App Update Release
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Free subscription structure update: 

With Forever free plan, users will be able to create 6 Sales Order or Purchase Order or Adjustment or Stock Take a month. Old users with 30 free documents/month and 10 documents/month limit will be changed to 6 documents too.

Select PURCHASE  ORDER tab and you can check the Purchase Order(s) of one supplier and add new Purchase Order or pay the bills directly from supplier detail page.

  • Shipment PDF: Show item's batch

For shipment with batch products, in Create PDF step, choose Show items batch checkbox and the product batch(es) will be displayed on your Shipment PDF.

  • Shipment (standard only): Approval function  

You can check the approval functions by going to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APPROVAL PERMISSION

This action saves you some time if you don't want to go through the steps to close an Invoice, click Close Invoice at the top right of Invoice detail page and the Invoice will be closed. You can find the Invoice payment in Credit Notes.

To add Administrative fee/Bank fee, at the step of Receiving Payment, tick on the check box Does this receipt has administrative fee? and enter the fee amount, click Receive. The fee will be shown on Invoice PDF and can be found in Receipts module.

Some fields can be changed EVEN after Stock Receive 

Sales Order and Quotation: Discount name 

Now you can give names for discounts in the Quotation(s) and Sales Order(s), click Discount and enter its name then click Apply, the discount name will be shown on Sales Order/Quotation PDF.

Sales Order and Quotation: Variant table matrix  

When issuing Quotation or Sales Order, items with variants if setup correctly will have +Variant Table next to them, click on it and you can quickly enter the quantity/selling amount for each variants, will be a bit faster to add one variant at a time.

  • Product expense now is added into landed cost  

Now your product landed cost will have production expense in them!

  • Duplicate feature

You can duplicate the previously made Production order, easy as that!

In case you haven't had the customer/supplier data in app before, just click on + Add New when selecting customer/supplier, EMERGE App will allow you to quick create customer/supplier info.

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