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5th May 2018 App update release
5th May 2018 App update release
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  • Etsy Integration

You can sync the inventory (first time) and sales order from Etsy to EMERGE App. You can also sync new product created from EMERGE App to Etsy. Check out the instruction HERE!

  • Sales Order: Create production orders from SO 

You can produce products from Raw material right in the Sales Order detail page so you'll always have the finished products ready!

Go to a Sales Order that contain products with raw material, click the drop-down list next to More button, select Create production orders.

App will show the Production Order of the Product, you can edit these fields COST PRICE PER UNIT, PRODUCTION EXPENSES PER UNIT, FINISH PRODUCT TO WAREHOUSE SECTION, FINISH PRODUCT QTY, FROM WAREHOUSE SECTION, QTY and click Produce, your products are ready.

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