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Fulfillment Report: Unshipped Items
Fulfillment Report: Unshipped Items
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EMERGE App allows you to check for Unshipped Items quickly by glancing at the SALES ORDER DUE TO DELIVER section on Dashboard or using Fulfillment report.

On dashboard, the app will list the Sales Order(s) with undelivered items along with their due date(s).

Generate Fulfillment Report:

To generate Fulfillment Report, go to Reports > Fulfillment Report > choose Date Range, Group By type and click View. The report can be exported to PDF.

Export Fulfillment report to CSV

Click CSV button to export the fulfillment report you just created to your computer under CSV form.

April 2020 update:

More item status

The fulfillment report now has more item statuses: All statues, Fully Delivered, Not Deliver Yet for report filtering.

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