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17 March 2019 App update release
17 March 2019 App update release
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Say hi to our newly launched report, similar to the frequency polygon on your dashboard, select up to 5 products and take a glance of the sales trend happening in store. 

Product trend report is useful for comparing distributions and depicting trend. 

From this update, you'll be able to add additional charges to the sales order even if it's already delivered but not yet invoiced. Open the Sales Order, click Edit and add the additional charges, then save. 

Previously, users are not able to reuse their deleted document numbers because of the app's strict rule. Now you can reuse them by going to the settings in Company Settings > Basic Settings > App Settings > choose Yes, allow to reuse and save, done. 

Similar to Barcode Scanning in Sales Orders and Stock Transfer, you can scan to add products into the Purchase Order, simple as that.

Some locations are more frequently used than others, to change the location order to be more convenient for your work, go to Company Settings > General Setup > Location, click on the Up arrow symbol next to the location name to push it to the top, close the modal, done.

When you deliver or receive the products, prioritized locations will be showed up first in the drop-down list.

Export unpaid Invoices status from EMERGE App to Xero as “Draft”, paid Invoice status as "Authorized"

Recent activities update: Notify when a backorder is received

System update: Single device/browser login

Only allow one login on one device/browser at a time, user will be logged out if there is an attempt of logging in on another device or different browser.

Apply the same quantity (from) and quantity (to) to other items by entering the number and click APPLY to apply to other items.

Purchases/Receive notes listing improvement: Mass action to Receive/Delete 

Quickly Delete the Purchase Order or Receive/Delete the receive note with clicks. Check the Result modal to see Success and Error.

Customer's Invoice: Mass action Receive payment

Quickly receive payment(s) for invoice(s). Check the Result modal to see Success and Error.

Stripe integration is here to help you Export invoice and import payment status with ease, connect your Stripe account to EMERGE App and get things rolling today!

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