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27th January 2019 App Update Release
27th January 2019 App Update Release
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Get your Purchase Orders up in a blink of an eye with Purchase Order import!

  • Yes, convert to Supplier Invoice: Include the AC to Supplier's Invoice

  • No, don't convert to Supplier Invoice: Exclude the AC from Supplier's Invoice 

This update will allow you to send landed & non-landed COGS of your products from EMERGE App to XERO, map them to their respective accounts in the chart of accounts.

After Barcode for Dispatch, now we have Barcode Scanning for Sales Order and Stock Transfer, which can make the process of entering products a bit (or wayyyy) faster.

There are two ways to scan products in Sales Order and Stock Transfer

  1. Click on the Scan button on Sales Order/Transfer listing page to create a new Sales Order/Transfer and scan

  2. Create new Sales Order/Transfer and click Barcode Scanning on the bottom left to start scanning products.

If you select No, don't allow to deliver even out of stock, the system will prompt an error message to prevent you from delivering the out of stock item(s). 

Product update: Sales Order tab in Product detail page

Shipment update: Put Customer's Sales Order number into Shipment (Standard) PDF

  • Include additional charge into sales order

  • Include additional charge into item line

Now users can setup their own address style in all PDF as we understand that each country has its own rule of address display.

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