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18 August 2019 App Update Release
18 August 2019 App Update Release
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Sales Order: Export Sales Order

SO export allows you to take a look at your Sales Order info during chosen period of time via excel file download. To export the SOs into excel file, go to Sales > Sales Orders > MASS ACTIONS > Export all sales orders > Select time range and download the file.

Inventory list report update: show all locations

Now you can see all products from all locations or a specific location by choosing location before generating the report.

Sales Order, Shipment & Customer's Invoice PDF: Add QR cod


To show QR code for Sales Order, Shipment & Customer's Invoice PDF, go to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APP SETTINGS > Shipment > select Show shipment QR code (e.g: DO0001) in Sales order, customer’s invoice & shipment and Save.

Receive note: Approval function

Now you can have the option to allow or reject the Receive Note handled by your staff. Go to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APPROVAL PERMISSION and turn on approval for Receive Note.

User access update: Split access “Account” to “Receivable Account” & “Payable Account”

In this update, "Account" module access permission is split into Receivable Account and Payable Account in case you don't want your staff to be able to see one account section or the other.

Quotation:  Reserved stock +New status

In this update, we have added a new visual stock number to the Quotation called "Reserved Stock". Users can choose to display the "Reserved stock" under product quantity field by clicking on "Manage" button and turn on the toggle to show Reserved Stock.

Reserved stock = Available include/exclude Purchase Order - Quotation stock

Quotations now can be closed just like the Sales Order. Open a Quotation, click Close button and its status will be changed from Issued to Close.

Setup document prefix for multiple companies  

From now on, each company can have their own document prefix to indicate which company the document was generated from. 

Example: Company 1: PORuby00001 & Company 2: PO Forel00001

Go to Company Settings > Transaction Document Format > setup custom prefix for multiple companies and Save.

Documents created after the settings is saved will have the prefix in their number based on the chosen company.

Product/Raw Material: Additional customized column

Some users need a custom field in their product information and the custom field needs to be shown on product listing page. To add the custom field, go to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APP SETTINGS > Turn on "Customized info in product listing page" and input your custom column name into the field > Save.

The custom field will appear in the product info page. You can input your custom value and save, it will be shown on product listing page.

Picking list & packing list update: Add column “Batch” & “Expiry date” to the CSV file

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