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Sales Order and Purchase Order Link Workflow
Sales Order and Purchase Order Link Workflow

If you need to issue purchase order from sales order, making the 2 document linked up between each other.

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What is Sales Order - Purchase Order Link workflow?

This workflow is designed especially for businesses that want clear records of what they bought for selling.

  • When you're selling exactly what you bought, but prefer not to use batches.

  • Easily tracking which PO matches with which SO. Get detailed info for each item in the process.

  • Gather multiple Sales Orders and buy them all at once. Combine several Sales Orders into an existing Purchase Order

How to create the link

  1. Turn on the function "Mass purchasing from SOs: Linking between SO & PO item line" in App setting

  2. Create a standard Sales Order

  3. Click on "Purchase" then "Purchase Item(s) One To One"

  4. System will get default supplier of each product on (if it has been set up beforehand. How to setup product's default supplier?).
    Tip: You can also check "Save as default supplier" to save for the next time

  5. Click "Next", system will automatically consolidate all products with the same supplier into a single Purchase Order

    1. See the left menu (#1, #2,...) to switch between PO

    2. In the main section, you will find confirmed information about the supplier, currency code (aligned with the supplier's default currency), purchase price,

      and other pertinent details.

  6. Click "Save" to mass create all POs

How to know the link (connection) between Sales Order & Purchase Order

  • You'll notice a Link icon positioned in front of both the Sales Order and Purchase Order, signifying their connection to each other

  • Click on the icon to know which PO are purchased for the SO in listing page and detail page

  • On the Purchase Order detail page, you'll find a list detailing the quantities purchased and their corresponding Sales Orders

How to add item to existing Purchase Order

To include an item in an already-existing Purchase Order:

  • Turn OFF function "Commission for sales reps" in App setting

  • PO must be PO Link Type

  • Choose a supplier with an available Purchase Order that has not been invoiced or received

  1. Click on "Purchase Item(s) One To One"

  2. Select supplier, then click on "Add to existing PO"

  3. Select available purchase order. System will display its created date, sorting the list with the latest creation date at the top.

  4. Click "Next" then input purchase price, click "Save"

  5. The product will be appended to the bottom of the existing Purchase Order. It won't be combined with or summed up with the existing item lines in the current Purchase


How to consolidate multiple Sales Orders into 1 Purchase Order

  1. Select multiple Sales Order in Sales Order Listing

  2. Mass Actions / Purchasing / Convert approved SO to separate PO

  3. The system sum up all quantity of the same product, allowing you to buy everything in a single go. Select a supplier to create the purchase order.


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