If you require your authorization on your quotation, sales order or purchase order (e.g authorization by an approving officer or admin of the application), you can set these documents to be subjected to approval such that when a non-admin or user without approving rights creates any of these documents, certain actions cannot be performed before approval by the approving officer. The approval request may be rejected.

  • Setting up rights required for an approving officer

  • Setting up document to require approval

  • Approving a document

  • Actions that cannot be performed until approval

  • Updating a document after approval

Setting up rights required to be an approving officer

Only users with the ‘Approve Document’ rights will be able to approve Quotation / Sales Order / Purchase Order documents.

Setting up document to require approval

To enable transaction document approval, click on Company Settings > Company Info, under the Approve Required section, check the box corresponding to the document.

Documents that are pending approval can be identified in the listing page status column.

Approving a document

Approving officers will be able to see the Approve and Reject button inside the Quotation / Sales order / Purchase Order document details page.

Actions that cannot be performed until approval

When a document is pending approval, any functions except for Copy and Void under the Actions menu cannot be performed.

Updating a document after approval

A document will still be subjected to approval if it is being edited after an initial approval.

Setting up approval permission for user(s)

to setup approval permission, go to Company Settings > User Management > choose a user and setup approval permission for them.

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