Before using the app, it is necessary to fill up your company details and to reflect information in your transaction documents.

  • Setting default information in all transaction documents

    Company Logo / General / Contact information

    Running number format

General & Contact information

To set up your contact information, click on the navigation panel > Company Settings.



The Company Logo will appear at the top left corner of your document.

Below Company Logo is Approval requirements for Sale Orders, Quotations and Purchase Orders, check the box(es) to activate this function

Automatic Function allows you to automatically convert Delivery Order from Sale Order

The Business Registration Number and Tax Registration Number will be reflected at the top right corner of your document.

The Address, Phone, Fax, Email and Website will be reflected at the bottom left corner of your document.

Running number format

The default running number is a prefix of the transaction type followed by a 6 digit running number.

E.g. SO000001 or PO000001

You can customize your document running format according to your needs.

To setup your transaction documents

  1. To setup your transaction documents, click on the navigation menu > Company Settings.

2. Click on Transaction Document Format on the admin navigation panel

You can customize the running number format in 3 different combinations:

  1. Prefix

  2. Date format

  3. Starting number

Below is a sample of how it will appear in a purchase order document:

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