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Connecting your eBay store to EMERGE App
Connecting your eBay store to EMERGE App
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Step 1: go to:
Step 2: Click on Sign In / Join to Sign in to your eBay developer account

Step 3: Press on “Register” if you don’t have an eBay developer account.

Step 4: After signing in, enter your “Application title”

Step 5: Click on “Create a keyset” on Production part

Step 6: Enter info to the form

NOTE: Remember to select Business option.

Step 7: After clicked on “Continue to Create Keys”, you will have the following data:

You will need App ID, Dev ID, Cert ID to connect to eBay

Step 8: Click on “User Token”

Step 9: Click on “Sign in to Production”

Step 10: Click on Register tab

Step 11: Register again with the same email you registered earlier for this form.

Input necessary information to confirm

Step 12: Click on “Agree” button.

Step 13: Now you have Oauth Token, click on “Copy Token in Clipboard”.

Step 14: Come back to EMERGE page. Click on “Integrations” option on the left menu.

Step 15: Click on “Integrate” in eBay section

Step 16: Fill in your “Store name”, then copy the App ID, Dev ID, Cert ID, and Oauth Token you have to their respective fields.

Enter your Paypal email for item payment.

Finally, click on Connect button.

Step 17: To Import data from Ebay to EMERGE, please do the followings:

+ Click on “Import from eBay” tab

+ Then click on “Import data list” button

+ Wait for the loading to complete

+ Select data you want to Import

+ Click on Import button or “Import ##{{number}} Items” button.

+ You will be notified when the import process complete.

+ Check the Success tab or Error tab to see successfully imported data.

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