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Connecting your Stripe account to EMERGE App
Connecting your Stripe account to EMERGE App
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To connect your Stripe account to EMERGE App, you need to enter two bits of information in the Stripe configuration page:

  1. Account name: A description used to identify your account in EMERGE App.

  2. Secret key: e.g. rk_test_km9niP5ODbmDrLNbghtRZjcy002pGSilnN

To get a Stripe secret key:

Step 1: Login to your Stripe account.

Step 2: Go to Developers / API Keys in the Stripe menu.

Step 3: Click on Create restricted key.

Step 4: Find the Customers and Invoices, Webhook Endpoints resource types and set both of their permissions to Write.

Step 5: Enter a name for your secret key, e.g. EMERGE restricted key, and then click on Create key.

Step 6: Click on Reveal test key token. Then copy and paste it into the Secret key field of the Stripe configuration page in EMERGE App.

Step 7: Configure the settings in EMERGE App.

Automatically export invoices hourly (Premium feature only): You can select invoices by their status (paid, partially paid, unpaid) and then export them to Stripe every hour.

Automatically import invoice status hourly (Premium feature only): EMERGE App will get the latest status of exported invoices from Stripe.

If the invoice in EMERGE App has an empty due date, you can choose not to export invoices or automatically add a number of days.

Step 8: Click on the Connect with Stripe button.

Step 9: If you are using a free plan, you cannot use the automatic import and export features. However, you can still export invoices manually from the Un-Send tab and get their status manually from the Success tab.

Step 10: If invoices cannot be exported, they will be sent to the Error tab. Review these errors then click Retry to export them again. Alternatively, click Archive if you don't wish to export them again.

All good? Contact our support team anytime and we'd be delighted to help!

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