This instruction will show you how to get Seller Id, Marketplace Id, AWS access key, Secret key and import data from Amazon to EMERGE App.

You must have at least one of the following Amazon accounts:

  • Non-individual Amazon seller
  • Amazon Payments
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Business
  • Amazon Prime Now

You will need to have a seller account on the “Professional” plan or higher.

Step 1: Go to to get keys from Amazon Marketplace.

Click ‘’Sign up for MWS” and sign in with your Amazon seller account

Step 2:

Select “I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS” then click “Next” to process

Necessary keys will be shown, you will use them to connect your Amazon account to EMERGE App.

Now you will go to Integration module in EMERGE App, click ‘’INTEGRATE

Paste keys from Amazon MWS to their respective fields in EMERGE App

Once done, click “Connect”, the system will show a notification to inform that you have successfully connected to Amazon.

Next, you will click “Import data list” to fetch products and orders from Amazon

The system needs some time to get data from Amazon, it can run in the background so you can go to another tab and continue your work while waiting.

A notification will show up after all data from Amazon is loaded, all products and orders from Amazon will be shown, you can select which product or order you want to import to EMERGE App by selecting checkboxes.

Click on “IMPORT __ ITEMS” to import them to EMERGE App

A notification will show up to inform you that the system is importing data from Amazon to EMERGE App, there will be another notification to inform that your data was imported successfully. Please DO NOT CLOSE THE APP during the process.

Imported data will appear under SUCCESS tab,

you can easily see orders from Amazon in Sales Order listing page.

Instruction video:

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