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What is a "User"?
What is a "User"?

Definition of a "user", "EMERGE App account", "EMERGE App login", "EMERGE Cart account"

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In EMERGE App, user is the person who directly use the app to manage their business data, that person is you and your colleagues (salesperson, manager, etc..), each user will have their own EMERGE App login.

First user free forever means the one who signed up for an EMERGE App account is the first user, this user will be the administrator and have full permission, including the only right to assign user access for different companies.

With Forever free plan, users will be able to create 6 Sales Order or Purchase Order or Adjustment or Stock Take a month

EMERGE App account:

EMERGE App account is where you store your data and work, go to your EMERGE App account by the subdomain link, it consists of EMERGE App's fixed domain and a subdomain before it, which you will choose while confirming the account, i.e You will use your EMERGE App login to enter your EMERGE App account.

EMERGE App login:

EMERGE App login is the login credentials you use to login to your EMERGE App account.

EMERGE Cart (Ecart) account:

Ecart account is the login credentials your customer use to login to your EMERGE Cart to view items place orders, learn how to create one here.

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