EMERGE Cart: Min/max stock display
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For users using the EMERGE Cart (Ecart), now you can set minimum/maximum product quantity display.

The purpose is to limit the min/max quantity shown on Ecart so that your customer does not know the exact stock quantity in your warehouse, Ecart only show the stock number within min/max range.

For example: 

  • User input min = 1, max = 30. When stock = 0 → Display stock:< 1

  • When stock = 31 → Display stock: > 30 

  • When stock = 28 → Display stock: 28

  • When stock = 30 → Display stock: 200

  • When stock = 1 → Display stock: 1


  1. Default Stock Display settings

This is the default settings to show or hide your instock quantity. Turn this settings on and you'll be able to show your stock quantity and adjust the min/max quantity.

2. Default MAX/MIN display stock: 

  • The two fields will automatically add min/max stock display for the newly added products, either manually added by checking from product list or automatically add settings. 

For example: Default max = 100 → all new added items default max display stock = 100

  • If users leave these fields empty, app will not show the default min/max.

  • If minimum default stock display = 0 → if the product inventory = 0 or negative, instead of showing “<0”, app will show “Out of stock”

3. Show/Hide stock (toggle button):

The toggle helps you to determine which product(s) you want to show min/max stock display, product(s) with this settings off will show their exact stock quantity.

 4. Set min/max all items:

This feature allows you to quickly add min/max stock display for all products in the EMERGE Cart

5. Copy from other customer:

  • You can copy default min/max, show/hide, min/max of each item from other Ecart customer(s).

  • If customer A's Ecart settings is Allow to sell out of stock, app will not allow to copy Show/hide value from customer B that does not allow to sell out of stock.

  • If customer A has value min/max in item 1, 2, 3 → Copy to customer B (only has item 2, 3, 4) → only items 2 & 3's stock display are copied.

Customer(s) can add the suitable product quantity they need to their cart. Upon checking out, we'll check if there's sufficient stock.

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