Dropship purchase improvement: Consolidate multiple product(s) from Dropship Sales Orders with the same supplier to one Dropship Purchase.

This feature allows you to issue dropship purchase(s) for multiple Dropship Sales Orders with the same supplier(s) and convert to multiple dropship shipments for each customer.

Click Dropship > Issue dropship purchase 

Select Dropship Sales Order(s) that have product(s) from the same supplier, click Save.

Now that you have Dropship Purchase Order(s), convert them to separate Shipment(s) based on the customers and continue the steps as usual for Dropship Sales Order.

Sales Order/Customer's Invoice: Create Deposit note from Sales Order.

Now you can add deposit notes for customers right on their Sales Orders and use it to allocate the Invoice balance. Convenient, right?

Click Use Credit Deposit for this Invoice and pay, done!

Quotation and Sales Order PDF: Group product variants

Now you have the option to display products on PDF as separate items or group them by their product variants, choose the settings and preview, see which suits you then save.

Production Order PDF 

If you're producing products from components/materials, you'll have production Order PDF for data saving or print it out and send to your colleagues, just check out the PRODUCTION ORDER tab inside product detail page and you'll see them there.

Estimated delivery date settings

You can control the estimated date by going to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APP SETTINGS tab > DEFAULT ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE FOR SALES ORDER, you can choose the suitable settings and save.

Shipment & Customer's invoice PDF: Show product photo 

To display product photo in Shipment And Customer's Invoice PDF, choose the settings and preview, see which suits you then save.

EMERGE Cart improvement: Display selling price based on customer's Default currency.

You just need to setup the currency and done.

Quotation/Sales Order/Customer's Invoice PDF: Hide/show some fields

Many users want to hide some fields from the PDF default template, you can to to Company Settings > PDF Translation > Choose the document you want to hide the fields, any fields with a toggle next to it will be able to show/hide.

Sales Order: New additional charge settings

This settings allows you to add additional charge(s) for item(s) in Sales Order separately or for the whole Sales Order.

To add additional charge(s) for item(s) in Sales Order:

Go to to Company Settings > Basic Settings > APP SETTINGS tab > choose Include additional charge into item line and Save.

In Sales Order, add item(s) and click Manage button under ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

Go to APPLY TO PRODUCT tab, select the additional charge(s) and product(s) to apply, edit the amount if needed, click APPLY.

You will see the total of item(s) changed according to additional charge(s) applied in the Sales Order detail page and Sales Order PDF.

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