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Product Trend Report (Premium feature)
Product Trend Report (Premium feature)
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Say hi to our newly launched report, similar to the frequency polygon on your dashboard, select up to 5 products and take a glance of the sales trend happening in store. 

Product trend report is useful for comparing distributions and depicting trend. 

To generate product trend report: go to Reports > Product Trend Reports > select date range, display type, tax type, date type (day/week/month) and items, you can select up to 5 items for the report, click View.

Adjust the scroll tool to change date range

The report can be saved as PDF/printed/emailed

Product Trend Report update: Showing Quotation value and filter by Customer.

To show Quotation value in the Product trend report, check the box Showing quotation level when generating the report.

Choose the customer from the drop-down list to generate product trend report for that customer only.

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