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RFQ Module - Request For Quotation Feature Workflow Explanation (Gold feature)
RFQ Module - Request For Quotation Feature Workflow Explanation (Gold feature)

RFQ Workflow

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EMERGE designed RFQ(Request For Quotation) workflow for B2B business users. It allows users to record quotations from suppliers and compare prices & other elements, so users can improve their purchase workflow.

How to Create RFQ

  1. Turn on the RFQ feature in the App setting:

2. RFQ will show on the feature list, click New RFQ to record.

3. Enter customer & products with specific qty to create a Master RFQ.

4. When you get the quotation from the Supplier, please click "Receive Quotation" to record the price and other elements eg, estimated receive date/product description. The system will consider these orders as Sub-RFQ, and show the record on Master RFQ.

5. When the supplier side is nearly settled, you can generate a Quotation to the Customer from RFQ directly. Then you can generate a Sales Order from Customer Quotation to confirm the sales.

6. Find Purchase on Sales Order, and click purchase from RFQ. The system will automatically generate an RFQ report, then you can use it to compare the same product's purchase price from each supplier that gave you the quotation. Meanwhile, elements like supplier tag/product description will help you decide to choose.

7. Select the supplier and convert it to a purchase order.

8. Receive from Purchase order then deliver the products.

Basically, this workflow starts from a customer's request, then the system will help record the supplier quotation info. Once the customer confirms the order, the system allows you to purchase based on the data from the supplier side.

Check it out!

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