Inventory overview report

Inventory overview report is useful to see your stock total value and their availability, it will list down the info such as batch/expiry date, available quantity, in stock quantity and the total value (landed/non landed)

To generate the report, go to Reports > Inventory Report > Inventory Overview > choose the date and View

Inventory movement report: Update more details in the report and fixed incorrect product quantity. 

Inventory timeline report

Inventory timeline report will give you a thorough look at your stock quantity within 16 months, showed by each month/week. With the timeline report, you will be able to check your product over the months/weeks and make more precise decisions for your business.

Shipstation update: Export Shipments to Shipstation real-time

Stripe (invoice): Manually export invoice & real-time update Stripe secret key/restrict key

Cost Of Goods Sold bug update: 80% fixed for accounts having negative transactions.

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