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Connecting your ShipStation account to EMERGE App
Connecting your ShipStation account to EMERGE App

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This instruction will guide you how to get ShipStation API key, ShipStation API secret and connect your ShipStation store to EMERGE App

Require: You must have ShipStation account


Login to your ShipStation store, on the top right of the screen, click on setting icon, then click on Account menu, sub-account menu will be displayed. Select API setting menu, you can see the keys in API Keys section. If not, click on Generate API Keys button, the API Keys will be generated.

Step 2: Connect your ShipStation store to EMERGE App

Now you go to Integrations module in EMERGE App, click “INTEGRATE

Click “Connect Your Account” to connect to ShipStation

Enter the keys which you get from ShipStation to their respective fields in EMERGE App

Once done, click “Connect”, the system will show a notification to inform that you have successfully connected to ShipStation

Click on the check box to select documents you want to export to ShipStation, and click export items button

Wait for the exporting and check “SUCCESS” Tab to review successfully exported transactions and also check “ERROR” Tab to know which errors you need to solve before trying to export them again:

After you resolved the errors, select transaction in “ERROR” tab and click on “Retry Items”. Or you can try to export individual item by “Retry” button in every line.

You can update shipments Status and Tracking Number, Carrier from ShipStation to EMERGE App by clicking on Update button

Step Final: If you cannot connect successfully, contact our support for more information.

22 Sep 2019 update: 

Export Shipments to Shipstation real-time

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