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How to set up drop-shipper (second-level reseller/distributor) account on EMERGE Cart
How to set up drop-shipper (second-level reseller/distributor) account on EMERGE Cart
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EMERGE allows users to invite drop shippers or second-level resellers/distributors to sell on B2B e-commerce platform EMERGE Cart to their customers. I.e. You can invite your customers to EMERGE Cart and they could in turn, invite their customers to buy on EMERGE Cart. The orders submitted will be directly created on your sales order listing page, making order management and reseller commissions extremely

  1. Setting up a drop-shiper account:

    Company Setting > User Management > Create a new user > select Dropshiper as the default role

  2. Select Category/Brand for this dropshiper account: To limit this user to view product(s) in specific brands & categories.

  3. Selecting Manager. Once a customer is created by the dropshiper account, the customer-owner will be auto-allocated as the dropshiper. Only the Manager account can change the master access setting.

Typical workflow for drop-shiper account:

Case 1:

Dropshiper account can create customer and sales orders directly on their EMERGE Account. The Sales Order will not be visible to other dropshiper account without the access settings.

Case 2:

Dropshiper can create B2B Ecommerce (Ecart) accounts and invite their customer. They can also set up specific brand & category product list to be viewed for different customers.

If unsure, reach our live chat on the bottom left hand side of the page. Thanks!

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