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Connecting your Shopify Store to EMERGE App (2023)
Connecting your Shopify Store to EMERGE App (2023)
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To connect EMERGE App to your Shopify Store, you need to generate API Access Token on your store. Below is a sample of must have information to connect your store to EMERGE App:

  • Store Name: My Store (i.e any given description to identify your store on EMERGE App)

  • Store URL: (i.e Your Store URL)

  • API Access Token: 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

To get API Access Token from your store, you need to create Develop app inside your store. Shopify will automatically create once the private app is created. Below are the sample steps for creating private app.

How do I find my Shopify “API Access Token”?

Step 1 & 2: Click Apps then click Apps and sales channel

Step 3: Click Develop apps > Allow custom app development

Step 4: Click Create an app > Input app name = "EMERGE", app developer = your Shopify user account

Step 5: Click Configure Admin API scopes

Make sure the “Read and Write” permissions are granted for “Customers”, “Order editing”, "Orders".

Step 5: Click API Credentials > Install App

Step 6: Copy the Admin API access token and paste to EMERGE Shopify integration page


  • EMERGE App requires “API access token” along with your site to connect to your store.

  • Please ensure that SKUs are populated for all products include Variant in your product module before importing products into EMERGE App

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