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19 November 2023 App Update Release
19 November 2023 App Update Release
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Customer import / update excel: User access, addresses & contacts, default tax, shipment term

Users gain the ability to manage user access levels, update addresses and contacts, set default tax preferences, and define shipment terms for efficient and comprehensive customer data management.

Product update excel: Default tax

Specifically focused on modifying default tax settings for products

Approval status: Indicate approver and timestamp.

Users can easily track the progress of approvals, knowing exactly who approved a particular action and when it occurred, fostering transparency and accountability within the system.

Customer invoice: Showing serial number

Each customer invoice generated will display serial numbers, facilitating easy tracking and reference.

E-signature signature addition to shipments (DO) and invoice

Find Signature button inside shipments or invoice and click

Sign on tablet, touchscreen or mouse and acknowledge

EMERGE Cart: product suggestion feature (to display suggested product under main selling product)

EMERGE Cart: Top products (Sticky) function to default products at the top of the list

Improvement on overall system security and performance

Enhanced security protocols and optimized performance ensure a reliable, secure, and seamless user experience.

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