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22 October 2023 App Update Release
22 October 2023 App Update Release
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Shipment & Customer Invoice: Authorized signatures of the clerk and the customer.

Capture authorized signatures from both the clerk and the customer for shipment and invoice processes, ensuring accountability and compliance.

Ecart: Options for displaying products at the top of the listing page.

Customize product listings by featuring selected items at the top, providing flexibility and visibility for key products.

Ecart: Relevant product suggestions on the detail page.

Enhance the shopping experience with relevant product suggestions on the detail page, encouraging additional purchases.

XERO: Create a new product to keep track of inventory in XERO.

Streamline inventory tracking in XERO by easily creating new products from EMERGE to XERO

AR & AP Report: Option to not show invoices with a balance of 0.

Customize reports by opting not to display invoices with a balance of 0, improving clarity and focus on relevant financial data.

Various improvements for the filters in the reports.

Optimizing user experience and providing more accurate and detailed insights.

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