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How to connect to Airwallex
How to connect to Airwallex

A full guide to integrate to Airwallex, allow your customers pay the invoice through the payment link

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Getting Started

Easily collect your customers payment through Airwallex (a payment gateway integration).

  • Export your customer's invoice from EMERGE to Airwallex.

  • Airwallex will then generate a payment link for your customers.

  • Upon your customer's payment of the invoice through Airwallex, a receipt will be automatically generated in EMERGE, ensuring seamless synchronization of payment status between EMERGE and Airwallex.

How to find CLIENT ID and API KEY in Airwallex

Step 1: Login to Airwallex account. Go to Account / Developer / Manage API Keys

Step 2: Click Create restricted API key

Step 3: Input Name = "EMERGE Integration", then check all the access in the page

Step 4: Scroll down to the bottom and click Generate API Key

Step 5: Now you can see the CLIENT ID and API KEY

Step 6: Copy the CLIENT ID and API KEY into EMERGE page. Then click Connect.

Step 7: Once connect successfully, you can click on EXPORT tab and export customer invoices to Airwallex

How to import payment status from Airwallex? (create webhook method)

Step 1: Login to Airwallex account. Go to Account / Developer / Webhooks. Click on Add Webhook

Step 2: Paste the Webhook URL from EMERGE integration page to Notification URL in Airwallex. Also check option Payments / Payment link / Paid (to import status when customer paid on Airwallex)

Step 3: Click Submit at the bottom of the page

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