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Connecting your Xero account to EMERGE App
Connecting your Xero account to EMERGE App

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Getting Started

It’s easy to connect your Xero account to EMERGE App.

  • Find the Xero integration module

  • Connect to Xero

  • Allow access for EMERGE App

  • Map your chart of accounts

  • Select and export your documents

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Find The Xero Integration Module

Step 1: Click on Integrations and then click on the Integrate button for Xero.

Connect to Xero

Step 2: Click on the Connect to Xero button.

Enter an Account Name then click Connect.

Then login to your Xero account when prompted.

Allow Access for EMERGE App

Step 3: Click on the Allow access button to enable EMERGE App to share data with Xero.

Step 4: You will be directed back to EMERGE App. Click OK at the successful integration screen to continue. 

Map Your Chart Of Accounts

Step 5: Now, let’s map the accounts for invoices and receipts.

At the Chart of Accounts tab, select the Xero account for the EMERGE App account to be mapped to. Once done, click Save.

Select And Export Your Documents

Step 6: Next, click on the Export to Xero tab. You will see a list of all available documents for export under the Documents tab.

  • Export a single document by clicking on the Export button next to it.

  • Export all or some documents by selecting them and clicking on the Export Item(s) button.

The results of exported documents will be shown under the SUCCESS and FAILURE tabs.


Contact live chat support if you see any error messages and we’ll be delighted to resolve them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

- How do I disconnect from Xero?

Just click on the Configuration tab and then click on the Disconnect button. You will be disconnected immediately without any prompting.

- What data is exported to Xero?

EMERGE App exports customer invoices, customer receipts, supplier invoices and supplier receipts to Xero.

- Is data syncing one-way or both ways?

EMERGE App performs a one-way sync with Xero.

- When and how does syncing occur?

Syncing is performed manually in the Export to Xero tab. Documents are synced immediately and you will be notified of the export outcome with a pop-up window.


This update will allow you to send landed & non-landed COGS of your products from EMERGE App to Xero, map them to their respective accounts in the chart of accounts.

Export unpaid Invoices status from EMERGE App to Xero as “Draft”, paid Invoice status as "Authorized"

Jan 2020 Update:

New CHART OF ACCOUNT management

The updated Xero's chart of account offers more flexibility to match the document transactions to the accounts. Users can customize the accounts in the Xero CHART OF ACCOUNTS settings then choose the Sales Order type in the Sales Order.

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