User rights can be set before creating a new user, the rights given to a user determines the level of permission for accessing EMERGE modules.

EMERGE offers a list of predefined roles with preset rights for selection, you may customize it based on the desired rights required to for the new user.

To set up roles when adding or updating a user

  1. Click on the navigation panel >Company Settings

2. Click on User Management on the admin navigation panel to create a new user and set up the roles or click on the user you want to set up.

3. You can perform the following:

  • Select a preset role with predefined rights (preset roles are non-editable)

  • Create a customized role by duplicating a role and editing the rights

  • Create an entirely new role


Below is a table of predefined roles and its access rights.

  • Manager

  • Salesman

  • Purchaser


User access: more detail

Added more detailed permissions for user access to help you control your users’ permissions and roles.

 If user did not give Sales Report access, home page dashboard should not show sales/product sales graph

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