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Connecting your QuickBooks Online account to EMERGE App
Connecting your QuickBooks Online account to EMERGE App
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There are a few steps to connect your QuickBooks Online account to EMERGE App:

Step 1: Create a new QuickBooks account or use your existing account to connect. We currently support the version of QuickBooks Online Plus. If you are using another pricing plan, some features might not work correctly.

Step 2: Open EMERGE App and click on Integrations, then select Accounting tab and look for QuickBooks integration and click INTEGRATE

Step 3: Click “Connect Your Account” to start the process

Step 4: Input your account name by any name you want and click “Connect”. System will automatically redirect to QuickBooks Authentication center

Step 5.a: If you have not login yet, input your credentials and sign in to start the authentication process:

Step 5.b: If you already login, click on “Authorize” to start the process:

After few seconds working, QuickBooks will redirect you back to EMERGE App:

Step 6: Start to enjoy the integration by clicking on the check box to select documents you want to export to QuickBooks:

Notice: Before clicking on “Export 10 Items” there is some information that you will need to read before start exporting.

QuickBooks only accepts 1 tax type in 1 invoice and 1 tax code in 1 invoice. You will not be able to sync to QuickBooks if your invoice in EMERGE has more than 1 tax type. Customer or Supplier will be automatically created in QuickBooks if the Customer or Supplier is found in EMERGE’s invoice but not in QuickBooks. Items will be automatically created in QuickBooks if the products in EMERGE is not found in QuickBooks. This is a QuickBooks requirement.”

Step 7: Wait for the exporting and check “SUCCESS” Tab to review successfully exported transactions and also check “ERROR” Tab to know which errors you need to solved before trying to export them again:

There are some common errors like:

– Currency in EMERGE is missing on QuickBooks
 – Tax rate in EMERGE is missing on QuickBooks

– Invoice need to export first then payment

These errors are saying that you need to create the same data on QuickBooks match with EMERGE App (Currency, Tax Rate)

After you resolve these errors, select transaction in “ERROR” tab and click on “Retry Items”. Or you can try to export individual item by “Retry” button in every line.

The successful export transaction will be displayed in “SUCCESS” tab:

At this time, you can find your invoice in QuickBooks. Try to search your exported transactions in Customer/Vendor module on QuickBooks.

Notice: If your business is working with multiple currencies (international trade) you will need a little bit change in your company settings:

And select “Advanced” Tab to enable multiple currencies feature of QuickBooks:

You can also create new tax rate in here:

Tax rate name and percentage have to be the same with EMERGE App when you are try to export taxable invoice or payment.

Step Final: If you cannot connect successfully, contact our support for more information.

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